You've got the passion. Now discover the results.

Do you dream of riding a Ferrari with Fur - a horse that summons pride and adrenaline with a mere touch of the reins? If so, then your dream is our mission. And we'll show you the practical steps to achieve it! From our philosophy course to our advanced training techniques, we have the tools to help you become the high-performance horseman you know you can be!

Meet Your New Trainer

Hi, I'm Jake Lundahl. I've been training horses professionally since age 16, and my career has taken me all over the United States. Before riding under my own brand of Lundahl Performance Horses, I studied under top trainers in the horsemanship education and western performance horse industries. I've always been passionate about teaching others, and I'm ready to help you too!

Learn Advanced Horsemanship. And Master It.

Through the Horseman's Academy you will:

  • Become Laser-Beam Focused

    Develop an action-oriented plan for elevating your horsemanship to new levels. Set motivating goals for your horse and yourself, and zero in on your game plan to achieve them.

  • Learn Advanced Skills and Tools

    Safely and confidently apply professional-level training techniques with your horse. Benefit from advanced knowledge and concepts rarely shared with the general horse-owning public.

  • Gain Valuable Experience

    Learn from a proven system while challenging the limits of your comfort zone. Gain proficiency and rock-solid confidence in all aspects of advanced horsemanship.